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Pool heaters have a verify difficult life when compared to your home furnace. They are exposed to the elements all year long.  Insects like to live in them. The accumulation of rain, snow, dirt and dust affects their performance over time, which is why pool heaters should always be maintained properly.

Pool heaters should be serviced by a professional service technician each year before the unit is turned on for the first time. The burners in a pool heater are very large and if the unit Ruud Pool and Spa heaterdoes not ignite properly the heater can literally explode.

We carry a vast selection of Ruud high quality pool heaters. For more information on the variety of pool heaters available, click here to visit the Ruud web site

Pool Heater Installation

Pool heaters also require a gas line be run to the heater. We install gas lines for pool heaters. This usually involves trenching. To save money often the home owner will dig the trench and we will install the gas line. We can of course provide the trenching service as well.

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