HVAC FAQ. Some commonly asked questions about us, and HVAC systems in general.


How big is Home Climate Pro Inc?

We are a small owner run business based in Richmond Ontario. We service Ottawa, Ontario and surrounding area. Both owners are fully qualified technicians. No sales people work for Home Climate Pro. The nice guy providing the quote in all likely hood will be the same guy who will be installing or servicing your equipment.


How can I pay? Do you have any financing options available?

We accept cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard, email money transfers, and we do have various financing options available via our financing partner Finance-it.


What is the best time to have my furnace serviced?

HVAC FAQ - Home Climate ProIf your furnace is newer almost any time of the year is fine. Likely during the heating is best. For older furnaces we generally recommend having it services sometime between April and October. The reason for this is that if our technician finds the furnace has a significant fault such as a cracked heat exchanger, he is legally required to red tag the furnace and shut it off. Having the furnace serviced during the “off season” allows some time to arrange for a replacement furnace when heating your home is not so critical like it might be in say January.


Am I better off to own or rent my Hot Water Heater?

Generally speaking owning your own hot Water heater is better than renting. Renting always costs more than owning. Hot water heaters generally last 12+ years. Over the life of the tank a rental will generally cost 2-3 times the amount. Keep in mind that a newly installed hot water tank comes with an 8 year warranty. So for the first 8 years if a failure occurs you are covered.


How often should I change the filter in my furnace?

It depends on how you use the furnace. Do you run the fan 24/7? Do you use the furnace fan in the summer to air condition your home? Generally speaking the filter should be changed ever 2-3 months during the heating season. If you run the fan 24/7 then it needs to be changed more frequently. The best it to check the filter every 1 to 2 months and note how long it takes to get dirty. Changing the filter regularly will help extend the life of the furnace and blower.


Why do some people run their furnace fan 24/7?

Everything else being equal the laws of physics will prevail in your home. The hot air will rise to the upper parts of your home and the cold air will sink to the basement. If you do find it cold in the basement and you use your basement as living space you may want to run the fan more. This will help to mix up the air in your home and keep the whole home at a more even temperature. Some thermostats have a “circulate” feature than cause the furnace fan to come on for about 20 minutes an hour rather than run all the time thereby saving some energy. Some furnace have an energy saving fan motor usually called “ECM”. This allows the fan to run at a nice quiet slow pace to keep the air moving in your home. These energy saving fan motors will save you about 80% in electrical cost over an equivalent “standard” PSC fan motor.


What should I check on my furnace before calling in a professional?

There are a few things to check on your furnace before calling us that can save you a service call.
1. Check that the circuit breaker and furnace switch are on and furnace has power
2. If your furnace is high efficiency make sure the plastic vent pips are not blocked and are free of obstructions.
3. Make sure the thermostat is turned up high enough and set to heating.
4. If your thermostat runs on batteries try putting new batteries in.


What should I check on my air conditioner before calling in a professional?

Check that the AC circuit breaker is on. Check that the electrical disconnect outside in in the “ON” position. Check that the thermostat is set for cooling and turned below the current inside temperature.