What is a thermostat for? It’s just used to control the temperature in your home right? Wrong!

Todays thermostats can do much more. The Honeywell IAQ thermostats can control all your heating and air conditioning appliances along with your indoor air quality products.

Did you know that you need to adjust your indoor humidity based on the outside temperature to keep your home comfortable? The Honeywell IAQ thermostats have outdoor temperature and humidity sensors so they adjust the indoor humidity automatically.

How often should your HRV or ventillation system be run? The Honeywell IAQ thermostats know the size of your home and the size of your ventillation system so they ventillate at the required rate ensuring you get clean frash air into your home, but also keeps your energy costs to a minimum.

Have you ever been confounded in trying to program your thermostat? No more. The Honeywell IAQ thermostats ask you questions in english and the touch screen interface makes programming a breeze.

These thermostats can control any home or light comercial HVAC system automatically. Wireless control and even internet connectivity are also available.

Contact us today and we can make all your homes systems run completely automatically: