ductless split air conditioning ottawaDuctless Split Air Conditioning for older homes, additions and specialty structures

In older homes that use boilers and radiant heating, that have no duct work, or in homes where it’s not practical to install a central air conditioner, a ductless split air conditioning system may be just what you need. These systems utilize both an indoor and an outdoor unit to cool your home with only small refrigeration pipes being added into the wall where the inside unit is installed. Because no ducts need to be installed this is a cost effective cooling option for homes utilizing radiant heating, or for older homes.

Energy Efficient and Multi-zone Capable

Many ductless split air conditioning systems feature high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) ratings, optional ECM motors and are Energy STAR compliant. In addition, some systems offer multi-zone capability, allowing you to control the air conditioning on a room by room basis. For example, during the day it may be unnecessary to cool bedrooms. A multi-zone system gives you the flexibility to turn areas on or off at your convenience.

Ductless air conditioning systems can also be used as a heat source using an optional heat pump. Contact us for more information about heat pumps for ductless split air conditioning systems.

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