Gas Lines

Gas hot water heater ottawa We are fully certified to install gas lines for both indoor and outdoor gas appliances. Gas lines may be used to provide fuel to:

  • a gas dryer in your home
  • an outdoor gas barbecue in your yard
  • a gas stove
  • a gas fireplace
  • a gas fired water heater

In several instances, a gas appliance can save you money. Examples include stoves, dryers and gas fired water heaters. If you’re considering an appliance purchase, consider a natural gas powered unit – it could be well worth the cost in terms of savings.

While you’re at it, check your water heater contract!

Water heaters are almost a gimmick in our part of the country. They are pre installed in new home constructions, and the homeowner is left with the monthly expense. In several instances, many older homes are still under expensive monthly rental contracts for older electric hot water tanks with substandard efficiency. Many of our customers have found freedom from expensive hot water tank rentals through the purchase of a high efficiency gas water heater. It might be time you joined the club. Check out the math behind owning your hot water tank here.

We provide reliable and dependable gas line installation service and we also ensure there is sufficient capacity with your existing piping for new gas appliances.

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Servicing Ottawa and surroundings with quality gas line installations.

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