Ventilation and Air Quality: Breathe easier with solutions from Home Climate Pro

Are you suffering from dry skin, itchy eyes, nose and throat irritation, electrostatic shocks, dripping windows, or mould? We can help.

Air quality improvement ottawa

Ventilation and air quality are important, but often overlooked issues in a home. Today’s newer houses are airtight and require proper ventilation, typically through the use of a heat recovery ventilator (HRV). However, HRV units must be installed and balanced properly in order to do their job, and in many instances, we find that HRV’s have simply been disconnected. This can lead to a host of air quality problems and more severe issues. Older homes face different challenges due to air leakage and humidity, which can also affect ventilation and air quality.

Yet another issue these days is radon gas emissions from igneous rock and soil under a home.

In all cases, we can help improve your home’s ventilation and air quality substantially through a variety of  solutions including:

  • heat recovery ventilators
  • air purifiers
  • air cleaners
  • humidifiers
  • radon gas mitigation systems

If you’re concerned about the air quality in your Ottawa-area home and how it could be affecting you and your family’s quality of life, talk to us for a free estimate.