Get healthy with air purification solutions from Home Climate Pro

We install and recommend Sanuvox Air purifiers. These purifiers can be used with our filtration systems to remove odors, viruses, bacteria and more.

How is a Sanuvox Purifier Different from an Air Filter?

An air filter is designed to collect particulate from the air (i.e. dust and dirt). Airborne contaminants such as viruses, bacteria and mold as well as chemical agents and VOC’s pass through even a high efficiency filter like sand passes through a tennis racket. Sanuvox UV Air Purification Systems are designed to destroy the DNA structure of the micro-organisms through DNA sterilization as well as change the molecular structure of the contaminant through Photo-Oxidation destroying both biological and chemical contaminants including odors.



The UVC (254 nm) and UVV (187 nm) light produced by Sanuvox UV Systems are the same two UV wavelengths produced by the Sun. The UVC wavelength attacks the microorganism on a molecular level deactivating and destroying the contaminant while the UVV wavelength oxidizes the chemicals and odors into odorless inoffensive by-products. Unlike conventional UV “sticklights” on the market, Sanuvox UV Air Purification Systems use a patented process designed to deliver the maximum UV dosage to the moving air-stream.


With a 3 year Lamp life, the proprietary 18” high-intesity UV ‘J’ Lamp has all the advantages of having the intensity of two UV Lamps with the replacement cost of only one. The combination UVC & UVV wavelengths incorporated into one Lamp make biological, chemical and odor destruction possible.
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By using a Turbulator to spin the air as it enters the Reflector Chamber, the Sanuvox process guarantees that the air receives the maximum UV dosage possible. Dwell (contact) Time between the air and the UV light is also increased, resulting in higher destruction rates. The Aluminum Reflector Chamber contains and reflects the UV energy delivering maximum efficiency.


Because the two legs of the UV Lamp and the Reflector Chamber are mounted parallel to the air-stream, the dwell time between the air and the UV light is exponentially increased. The longer the air is in contact with UV light, the more UV energy can be delivered to the air-stream, resulting in a higher destruction rate.