Heat Recovery Ventilators. Trust the experts from Home Climate Pro to get it right.

Heat recovery ventilators are a critical component of today’s new homes, and also older homes that have been upgraded to mitigate air leakage. New homes have a sealed building envelope, which heat recovery ventilators ottawameans that the amount of air that can escape is nominal. This can lead to stale, poor quality air if ventilation is not managed. A heat recovery ventilator ensures that air in your home is replaced in controlled circumstances during the winter months. Heat from the air is also recovered as a result of the process.

HRV’s must, however, be installed to exacting standards, and balanced such that air inflows and outflows are matched properly. In many instances, we find that HRV’s have either been poorly installed and/or improperly balanced, and are simply disconnected by the homeowner as a result.

Keeping the air in your home fresh and clean is our specialty. Modern heat recovery ventilators provide higher efficiency to help keep your energy costs down while removing the moisture and odor from newer more tightly sealed homes. ASHRAE recommends that homes should be ventilated at a rate of 0.3 air changes per hour. This means all the air in your home is replaced once every three hours.

Do you have moisture on your windows?

This may be a sign of poor indoor air quality. Call us today and we can provide a free estimate to keep the air in your Ottawa home clean and fresh.