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Uncover hidden energy leakage in your home with our thermal imaging home inspection service.

Starting at $159!

When it comes to home energy efficiency, it’s often what you don’t see that can cost you money. In certain instances, upwards of 50% of a home’s regulated climate is lost through air leakage and problem spots. Our thermal imaging service will help you uncover:

  • air infiltration points
  • water penetration
  • problem spots, like improperly packed or missing insulation in an attic
  • insulation that has settled, is damaged or wet
  • energy losses around light and plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets, doors and windows
  • air leakage around floor headers and other structural areas

In many instances, fixing the problem area can be quite simple and inexpensive.

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It’s worth your time to take a look at what you can’t see!

We use high quality infrared thermal imaging cameras to explore your home’s energy loss profile. As subject matter experts in home construction and HVAC systems, we can also suggest recommendations to you to help reduce your home’s energy losses and save you money. Our services are ideal for:

  • those wishing to understand where climate losses are coming from
  • homeowners wishing to reduce their energy bills
  • people looking at buying an existing home
  • new homebuyers wanting to ensure that building envelope work was performed by the builder according to the building code

A thermal imaging home inspection is one of the least expensive and valuable options available to you when assessing the energy requirements of your home.

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