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If you’re looking for a properly sized and installed garage heating solution talk to us. We are experts in providing you with quality gas-fired garage heating solutions.

garage heating - Home Climate ProSafety is a key concern when installing a garage heating solution so it pays to get it right. Here a a few reasons why:

  • Garage heating is quite different from conventional home heating. Garage Heating can generally not use your home heating system as according to the building code your garage must be sealed from your home due to the possibility of carbon monoxide generated by vehicles entering the home. Obviously we do not want carbon monoxide in our home!
  • In addition, most garages are not insulated to the same standard of a home because of elements like the garage door, which is seldom insulated and often subject to substantial air leakage at the sill and jambs. In fact, in most homes, the garage is not a part of the building envelope.
  • Garages often contain flammable materials, and are often used to perform tasks that gather dust and debris (e.g., sawing, sanding, cutting materials, etc…). For this reason sealed combustion units and flame-less systems are a must.

A proper garage heating solution is not cheap. You should budget around $3,000 – more for an extra large garage. This includes a proper gas-fired, sealed heating source, code-compliant ventilation, installation to code, and thermostats/controls. But when safety and energy efficiency are a concern, it pays to get it right.

We are also specialists in radiant garage heating systems. Contact Us for more information.

Hydronic Unit Heaters

Hydronic heaters provide heat using steam or hot water. This heats the air in your garage using either your gas hot water heater or a hot water or steam boiler.
A thermostat allows adjustment of the temperature in your garage. Hydronic heat provides a safe flame-less heat for your garage.
For many applications an existing hot water tank or boiler may be utilized as the heat source.

Gas or Propane Unit Heaters

Gas unit heaters operate on natural gas and can be vented through the wall or ceiling of the garage. For many application you will want a sealed combustion unit. Garages can contain flammable liquids and dust so using a sealed combustion heater minimized the risk of fire in a dusty garage environment.

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