Consider a radiant heating system with a high efficiency boiler from Home Climate Pro for the ultimate in home comfort.

Radiant heating using a high efficiency boiler as a heat source is likely the most comfortable heating system available. Heating elements or pipes are installed under your finished floor and yield a uniform heat throughout your home. These ductless systems also reduce the amount of dust in the air and are energy efficient. Radiant heat systems also provide you with a warm , comfortable floor to walk on.

Radiant heating was used in many older homes utilizing a boiler and radiators. Today’s radiant heating systems can be installed just about anywhere – from floors to walls and even ceilings. Specialty products are also available such as tower heaters and unit heaters for small commercial spaces or garages. There are even radiant systems that are designed to be installed under your floor joists, eliminating the need to tear out your existing flooring.

If you’re building a new home or adding to an existing home, radiant floor heating should be on your checklist.Boilers and radiant heating ottawa

All radiant heating systems utilize a boiler as the heat source. Boilers (just like gas furnaces) are now available in condensing models with extremely high efficiency (up to 96%).

If you already have a radiant heat system that utilizes an older boiler may be worth replacing with an up to date high efficiency model to further reduce your energy costs. We provide complete replacement services for all types of boiler systems.

Radiant heat provides greater comfort and is more efficient than forced air heat since typically you can adjust the thermostat to a lower setting and still be very comfortable. Olsen gas boilers can be wall mounted and provide totally automatic operation. Floor mounted models are also available.

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